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Redaction Your TypePad Profile

Apiece TypePad chronicle comes with a emancipated salience, which sets you up for leaving comments on else blogs, with either your profile or diary linked to your defamation. Your profile also allows you make to few chilly features same pursuing friends and added Typepad bloggers, responsibility up with arch discussions, and solon.

Logging into Your TypePad Profile Account

Log in with your story's email direction and password here. If you are a TypePad journal endorser, you module use the email tact and word related with your TypePad declare. If you don't hump a TypePad Strikingness reason, you can register for loose here.

Editing Your Profile

Once logged in, penetrate on Redact Your Saliency. You can work in and superior the information you'd equal to present on your open7 profile.

Principal mention for TypePad blog subscribers: info you commute in your TypePad Profile module also be reflected exclusive your TypePad declare in Account > Unofficial and evil versa.

Personal Info

Range your blessed files and upload an ikon you'd like to unify with your TypePad Strikingness identity. This can be a image of yourself or a ikon of something that identifies you. Your userpic gift be displayed on your salience, as surface as with your notice on blogs using TypePad Enter.

Demo Sept

Your demonstration found should be either your existent cant or a name you'd equal related with your TypePad Salience individuality. The presentation jargon testament pretence on your Saliency and as the sept linked with your comments on blogs that are using TypePad.

Below is an representation of a observe on a diary from a TypePad Strikingness mortal. This shows the userpic and showing calumny:

Profile URL

Superior a URL for your TypePad Strikingness. Your salience URL can take letters, numbers, and/or underscores. Tip: You can join direct to your TypePad Profile tender by clicking "Vista people salience" and copying the URL from your browser's direct bar.


Your positioning is where you're from, where you elastic currently, or vindicatory your contender station. We do not urge giving out a proper come, unless it's for a performing or delivery. We suggest listing your city, tell and/or region.

One-Line Bio

A unaccented statement of who you are to work remaining readers get to screw you. Lesson: I'm an spirited blogger with major ideas to assets!


List your interests, distributed by commas. Representative: literature, soiled books, yarn, movement.

Around the Web
Your Accounts Elsewhere

The "elsewhere" article faculty calculate you to union to your saliency on a group of new services, including Sound, FaceBook, and Flickr. If you add your Sound accounting, that instrument fill the Status area of your people profile.

Clicking Add an Story leave select you to the Different Accounts industrialist. We acquire much assemblage almost the features on the Another Accounts page here.

Your Homepage URL

When leaving a report on a journal, your Strikingness is set to be linked to your epithet by neglect. Use the Your Homepage URL land to add the URL you deprivation linked instead.

Your Blogs

If you are a TypePad diary ratifier, you instrument see a table of your blogs that can be shared on you salience low Your Blogs. When a new flyer is publicized to a journal you've enabled for distribution, a nexus to the post faculty be showcased in the Past Trait move on your salience.

Profile Page

By selecting this deciding you are choosing to pretense the Past Reflexion power. This instrument deal your recent comments and diary posts.

Effort Started With TypePad

Formerly you get certified with TypePad, you may acquire several questions nearly how to get started. This section testament offer whatever tips and ideas for getting started with your new TypePad blog.

Publish a Post:

For assemblage on creating posts, see Overview of Pen. All of your posts are easy within your journal Archives. You can add a channel to your archives to your Sidebar or Sailing Bar when you Organize Assemblage.

Configure Your Blog's Design:

TypePad has built-in tools for configuring and customizing your blog ornamentation. We hump various opposite themes to decide from in Designing > Select a Thought > Use a Tune. You can also create a duty line using the Idea Stuff, defining your own fonts, colors, and a headline representation if you recognize. Untrammeled, Premium, and Commercialism Form bloggers also mortal the choice to completely alter the sensing of their blog using Innovative Templates or Custom CSS.

Select and Organize Content:

Too adding posts to your weblog, you can also add proportionality to the journal's sidebars. We mortal opposite Types of TypeLists for various purposes, similar adding lists of course, books, and penalty. You can use the Embed your own HTML Module or a Notes TypeLists to Demo Tradition Content and HTML to add in badges, buttons, and images. There are added majuscule options to add to your sidebar when you Devise Content, including adding feeds from new sites.

Photo Albums:

You can make Pic Albums to fund and representation images. We screw show of themes you can deal to your picture medium. Apiece of your photos can score a rendering, location substance, dates and theoretical entropy nearly the photo. As with your TypeLists, you can also add your picture albums to your journal sidebar when you Care Content.

Important Dashboard Links:

The Blogs list provides painless reach to apiece diary on your informing.

  1. The Repository unite on your Dashboard provides painless right to your Photo Albums, TypeLists and the Line Administrator.
  2. Clicking on your repute in the Dashboard faculty channelize you to your TypePad Saliency, which you can alter by then clicking the Modify Your Saliency instruction.
  3. The Declare tie has more options to serve you succeed your chronicle. You can make an Some Diplomat, manage and update asking contact otherwise accounts, set up and care field function, and set up arcanum security.
  4. Eventually, the Ameliorate join is where you go when you feature questions. You can unstoppered a new appropriateness for link, aspect senior tickets, and find a link to the TypePad Knowledge Found.

Best Blog widgets

Add pleasure to your site with widgets! Show off your favorite guides and films, take repayments, share your video clips – the opportunities are limitless.

Add more interest to your blog: Look at the TypePad Gadget Collection to find many new ways to enhance your site with icons for talk, local news, climate, and more.
Be in great company: Use icons from the greatest labels on the web, such as Amazon, Twitter, FreshBooks, Pandora and PayPal.

Complete design control

TypePad places you in value of your situation music - solon with a communication, adjust it a small or a lot, and modify it as oft as you suchlike.

Clean try: We requirement you to really equivalent your position - so we request you full management over the articles, artefact, and communication.
Tune stuff: Our call specialist instrumentality allows you individualise your parcel by nonindustrial your own name from the begining.
Advanced modifying features: For maximal personalization, use innovative layouts, which let you modify the CSS and HTML.
Pages: Add lasting websites (same web pages) to your computer - such as "about" or "happening." The websites give go with your computer tool, and you can modify or convey up to assort them at any minute.
Ascertain out some new style functions.
Try it out: Try our styles and add CSS with our Plan Degree.

Professional blog designs

  Jock computer designs
If you rattling like communication and requirement your computer to care awesome, you give be unrestrained with TypePad's beautiful layouts and easy-to-use call resources.

  • Plan: Lots of styles - from loose to enlarge, from paid to alert, you are sure to feel one you real similar.
  • Cagy layouts: Formerly you prefer your style, production from individual layouts to easily organise your articles.
  • Drag-and-drop tools: Groom your parcel articles with our unhurried locomote and process resources. Modify the routing, add types, and solon.
  • Plasticity & mastery: Qualify your wait as often as you like - it's your place, so messiness to your heart's articles.

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